About Us

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The Ethos of Keyhole

Keyhole Real Estate is a smaller, independently owned and operated, local, real estate brokerage who offer something a little different to the cookie-cutter, one size fits all model that is abundant in the industry today. 

Under the “traditional” real estate brokerage model, fees are high for all and, in our opinion, service levels often don’t match up to the cost. Traditionally, consumers don’t really have much of a choice with this model as it is set in stone. We at Keyhole truly believe there is real value in working with a well educated, professional, personable REALTOR®, but this invaluable service can and should come with lower price tag. You really can have it all!

In founding Keyhole, the Broker wanted to do something a little more in keeping with her ideals and ethos. Property transactions are individual and personal – the service you receive from your REALTOR® should be too.